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Quarantine Cheer / נעם חורב

This song is for you If you’re quarantined, blue, All crazed in a cage In this new kind of zoo Where distance is king And touch is taboo

You could choose to be bitter - A sad-sofa-sitter - And then, go complain All about it on Twitter OR You can decide Living life would be fitter

My friend, there's so much Beyond our control Some things just take time Some things take their toll Things bigger than you, me And every good soul

What if this is creation’s Soft whisper to you Your unplanned staycation Your own cosmic cue

To pause, clear some space In your closet and head Feet-up off-the-pedal, Day binge-watch in bed

Get to know your kids better (See - you did good!) Call mom and say more Than you normally would

Here your cheer-up song ends You are now free to choose: Sing along Or keep humming The Quarantine Blues. תרגום: נועה חורב

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